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Rockford Dentist

What’s better? DDS or DMD?

We’ve had patients ask us about our credentials time and again and there may be some confusion on what DDS and DMD stand for.  Unlike many other health care providers, dentists receive similar training regardless of the DMD or DDS initials.

Our dentist in Rockford, has been awarded various awards and has received hundreds of continuing education hours.  In fact, dentists are required to receive on-going training in order to keep a current dental license.

The main difference between a “DMD” and a “DDS” degree is in the name.  DMD stands for: “Doctor of Dental Medicine”. DDS stands for “Doctor of Dental Surgery”.  Although it sounds like a dentist with a DDS, may be more experienced in procedures like root canals, both degrees receive similar training.

If you are concerned about the credentials of your dentist in Rockford, feel free to ask.  In fact, this kind of information is considered public.  You will be able to quickly determine whether or not your dentist is accredited and licensed.

If you are looking for specific services, ask your Rockford dentist if he or she is trained and certified.  Asking about a certification should never upset your dentist.  In fact, most of them like to display diplomas and certifications for your peace of mind.

If you are considering orthodontics, make sure to ask your dentist for his recommendation of treatment and or recommendation for a specialist.  All specialists have also received their DMD or DDS.  They’ve then gone on to complete additional training and certification in their particular area of expertise.  Our dentist in Rockford works with only the best associates and specialists.

If you’re considering becoming a dentist, look into a variety of dental schools. Weigh your options and make sure to get as much real world experience as possible while receiving your formal education.  Consider schools with the highest success rate for graduates.

When considering a dentist in Rockford, give us a call.  Our dentists are qualified, caring and kind.


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