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Rockford Dentist

Facing your fear and finding a dentist in Rockford, IL

Are you someone that is scared to go to the dentist, or know somebody else who is? Dental phobia is something that affects about fifty percent of Americans. It can manifest as several different fears, but most of them are rational. Sometimes it’s more of a fear of the procedure, needles, or invasiveness than it is of the dentist. “No matter what the fear is, it keeps them from dental care and puts them at risk for bigger problems along the road,” said Dr. Weyrauch, a dentist in Rockford, IL.
The most important thing to keep in mind if you are scared is that you are not alone. Remember, more than half of the people in the U.S. feel the same way as you do. The next step is to begin seeing that there is nothing to be afraid of. Dentists, like other medical doctors, want to help you not hurt you.  We want you to come in for an appointment and let us know about your fears so that we can resolve them. There are some people who don’t feel comfortable around “men in white coats,” and that’s okay, because many dentists don’t mind taking it off if it helps ease anxiety.
If the procedures are what you fear the most, it’s probably because you might not have a full understanding of them. Television shows and movies tend to over-exaggerate and lead some to have a negative image of simple procedures. Talk to your dentists, we are willing to explain procedures in terms that you can easily understand. It’s a basic instinct to fear the unknown, but our humanity pushes us forward to learn. The field is constantly advancing and continuing education is extremely important to all dentists. This means that modern day dentists are more trained and equipped than they ever have been before.
So instead of avoiding the dentist, stop in and voice your fears. We want to make you visit as comfortable as possible, so you can walk out the door with a healthy smile across your face. Contact Dr. Weyrauch, dentist in rockford, to set up a meet and greet.


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