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Dentures are a common solution for tooth loss and recommended for those who wish to replace all or most of their teeth. They are custom-made to provide a natural appearance and comfortable fit in your mouth. Our dentures will restore your appearance and confidence, which will allow you to smile freely. Dentures can last years with proper care, but you should visit your dentist regularly in order to make sure they fit properly.

Depending on each individual case, patients may receive full or partial dentures:

Conventional Full Dentures
Dr. Daniel Weyrauch may determine that removal of your teeth is valuable to your oral health, depending on the existing infection. Once the teeth are removed, we must wait for your gums and bone to heal from the extractions. Treatment may take about 2-3 months. When your dentures are placed in your mouth, denture realignments will be required as your mouth heals and the bone reshapes. We ensure to make this process as comfortable as possible for you.

Immediate Full Dentures
Immediate dentures are placed instantly after your teeth are removed. Immediate full dentures are recommended for those who have suffered from tooth decay, gum disease or dental injuries. This process speeds up the wait time for healing without teeth. Follow-up appointments will have to be made to adjust dentures if needed.

Partial Dentures
Removable partial dentures are used to replace several missing teeth on a particular arch. It is a temporary fix, unlike a dental bridge. A fixed partial denture, also known as a crown and bridge, are made from crowns that are fitted on the remaining teeth. This acts as an anchor and made from materials to resemble the missing teeth. Partial dentures prevent shifting and erupting of the other teeth.

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