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Dentist in Rockford – It Starts With What You Eat

Have you ever wondered about natural ways to prevent cavities and tooth decay? Your refrigerator is a great place to look. In addition to getting regular oral exams and cleanings from your dentist in Rockford, the American Dental Association recommends reducing the amount of sugary foods you eat.


One of the many cavity preventers that your dentist in Rockford IL recommends is cheese. Cheese contains the protein, casein, which helps re-mineralize teeth and increase the calcium levels in the mouth. In addition to cheese, unsweetened kefir or yogurt contains calcium and phosphorus which help strengthen the enamel and other minerals found in your teeth. Another cavity preventer that reduces bacterial growth is apples. Not only do apples and cheese prevent tooth decay, but your local dentist also recommends cranberries as well. Cranberries, like apples, contain traces of flavonoids which help prevent bacteria from sticking to the surfaces of your teeth. Peanuts are another great cavity preventer. Your Rockford dentist recommends eating foods that require more chewing because they tend to decrease plaque build-up.


Your Rockford IL dentist also firmly believes in drinking properly as well. Drinking water regularly helps your mouth and gums to stay hydrated and provide your teeth with fluoride. Another beverage that can help to prevent cavities is black tea. Black tea contains flavonoids and fluoride to help strengthen the mineral composition of teeth, much like water and apples. Although there are many benefits to drinking tea, drinking too much tea can cause staining and darkening of your teeth, so it is important to maintain good oral hygiene in order to prevent this from occurring.


In addition to eating and drinking a few of these oral promoters, regular visits to your dentist Rockford not only saves money, but it also helps you to maintain a beautiful smile for the rest of your life.






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