Dental Cleanings / Dental Hygiene

Dental Cleanings
You should visit our dental office in Rockford at least twice a year to get a professional cleaning and to make sure your smile is looking its best. We can help clean surfaces of your teeth that you may have missed during brushings. Dental hygienists receive training in order to provide professional dental cleanings to patients. Dentists themselves can also provide cleanings to their patients. Regular dental cleanings can help prevent decay and gum disease.

During your appointment, we will remove any plaque build-up on your teeth and screen you for tooth decay. You may also receive polishing of your teeth and fluoride treatment. Regular professional dental cleanings are essential for attaining a healthy mouth. Our talented team can provide gentle and thorough dental cleanings to help you maintain beautiful and healthy teeth and gums.

In addition, our Rockford dentist will check for irregular patches on your tongue, cheeks and gums. This process is an oral cancer screening. We may also probe your teeth to measure the space between your gums and teeth. This will help us evaluate the condition of your gums. In the instance that you have gum disease, treatment will be recommended.

Skipped dental cleanings can cause plaque build-up, which causes decay and gum recession. Plaque and bacteria that forms in the mouth can lead to pain and even tooth loss.

Dental Hygiene
Our top priority is to provide you with the highest level of service and quality dental work. In order for you to maintain great oral health, this level of quality needs to extend to your personal oral hygiene routine.

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily to prevent the buildup of plaque and tooth decay. Use products containing fluoride to help strengthen teeth.

We can help you establish a dental hygiene routine that will keep your teeth healthy and white. If you have any questions about your current hygiene plan, please contact our dentist in Rockford.